Thursday, 30 October 2014

Aerobic Fitness Exercises

If you are bored with your aerobic fitness routine, or you are not seeing the changes you want from the effort you are putting into your fitness routine, maybe you need a change. No, make that "maybe you need a few changes",
You see, in order to get the most from your exercises, you have to mix them up a bit and work your body out in different ways. If you do the same old, same old every day, don't be surprised if you never see any changes in the way you look.
The idea is to incorporate two or more types of aerobic fitness into the same exercise schedule. If you have been jogging an hour every morning for the past five years, you are stuck in a rut. Cut your time down, take a short break and try adding a morning walk for 20 minutes, another short break and then some time on the row machine. You will still get your 1 hour of exercise, but the switch up in routine will work your body differently and you will see results.
Varying your aerobic fitness routine does not take any more strength than your single routine, you will just be getting more out of the same time. Obviously, if you only exercise for 40 minutes a day, just split the time between two or three aerobic routines.
Studies have shown that this type of routine, with breaks between the types of exercise for the body to recover, has a much greater impact on shaping the body. Just about any combination of aerobic fitness workout will serve the purpose. You can do your own mix and match, and suit it to your mood and the weather.
Try adding some of these new routines, if you have only been running up until now:
Rowing, stair climbing, walking, biking, swimming, fitness video, such as kick boxing or Tai Bo,
In addition to the physical benefits from this new routine, reducing the boredom in your aerobic fitness program will make it less likely that you will give it up out of boredom. And another very important benefit of mixing you aerobic moves is that you are less likely to fall victim to injuries from repetitive exercises. Bikers knee, shin splints from excessive running or rotator cuff injuries from too much rowing can be avoided when you do enough of each exercise to get the strength building properties, but avoid the repetitive strain on joints and tendons.
Changing your aerobic fitness mix changes your body because each exercise targets different muscle groups, and even similar ones such as running and walking may target the same groups in a different way or at a different angle. You may have noticed this concept if you are used to running, and think you are in great shape until you have to walk a few flights of stairs. You are challenging different parts of your body in different way. So mix it up and you'll see a big difference.
Muscle and stamina conditioning depends upon specific aerobic routines for that specific muscle and energy level that is required to accomplish visible results. Much like when you walk briskly a few miles daily but still get winded from walking up a few flights of stairs, this is because your body is trained for one type of activity and not the other, which may require different movements of another source of the same muscles. For a more effective and efficient work out program try developing a rounded aerobic fitness routine.

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