Thursday, 30 October 2014

Health Benefits of Yoga

Medical professionals and celebrities alike are excited about the benefits of yoga. More and more helpful yoga products are available too, but don't mistake yoga for a new health craze. An ancient practice over 5,000 years old, yoga connects mind, body and spirit using body poses, meditation and controlled breathing techniques.
The health boosting benefits of yoga are being proven and that's why over 11 million Americans are practicing yoga. With a few simple yoga products and an investment of time, you too can experience the many benefits of yoga. Which of the many benefits of yoga are for you?
Increased Flexibility
Yoga positions can help not only maintain but increase flexibility. Yoga impacts various joints, including joints often neglected and increases lubrication of joints, ligaments and tendons. Yoga poses called asanas work to safely stretch muscles and release the lactic acid build up that causes stiffness, pain and tension, improving flexibility and range of motion as well.
Body Awareness
Many yoga users enjoy an increased sense of body awareness. Yoga loyalists report noticing changes or symptoms of diseases early, which allows them to seek out preemptive care. Getting to know your body intimately through yoga can help to begin treatment earlier for improved health.
How does yoga detoxify the body? Yoga gently stretches muscles and joints encouraging optimum blood supply. Yoga also massages internal glands and organs increasing blood supply, including organs such as the prostrate. Increased blood flow helps to flush out toxins and increase nourishment. Detoxification can contribute to benefits such as increased energy and delayed aging.
Repeated use of yoga positions can be an excellent tool for toning muscles without building bulk or using strenuous weights. You can increase strength and shed flab using yoga routines and simple yoga products such a yoga mat. No gym is required.
Reduces Stress
Yoga encourages unity of mind, body and spirit. Stress has negative impacts on physical, endocrinal and emotional systems. The practices of focus and controlled breathing in yoga can counter the negative effects of stress. While events still occur, yoga can help you maintain a calm and positive outlook.

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