Thursday, 30 October 2014

Summer Fitness Tips

Remember when you were a kid and summer days lingered on forever? You couldn't get enough of the sun on your skin, the days with your friends, and all the fun activities you participated in. It was a whole lot easier to stay fit and healthy as a kid, too. Just because you're older now doesn't mean you can't maximize the summer months and use the longer days to have fun and jumpstart your fitness routine.
Start a Fight. A water balloon fight, that is! Grab your family or neighbors and plan a night of fun with water balloons, water guns, and even a slip n' slide. All the running and laughing is great exercise, and you won't even realize how hard you're working. Finish up the evening with fresh fruit, veggies and barbecue chicken for a light and healthy meal.
Be a Swinger. Head to your local playground and as the evening fades into twilight, enjoy running, playing, swinging and sliding on all the familiar equipment. Whether you hop on a merri-go-round, or you play on a teeter-totter, it takes energy to push, climb and shimmy. Acting like a kid also relieves stress, so hop on a swing, close your eyes, and imagine you're flying through the air, letting all your adult worries fade away.
Kick the Bucket. Well, Kick the Can. Remember this game? A combination of tag, hide-and-seek, and capture-the-flag, kick the can ensures hours of fun. If this game isn't your style, choose another. The point is, kids play games all the time, and all of their games are active. Running and hiding between trees, bushes, and houses, all while trying to tag or dodge other players burns calories and contributes to increased fitness.
Start a Biker Gang. When you were a kid, your only modes of transportation were your feet and your bicycle. I remember grabbing my bike and joining my friends, wrecking havoc while flying through the neighborhood. When your only options for transportation require physical activity, you're bound to stay healthy. Get a bike and a bike cart and start riding to the grocery store for food, take trips to the park for a picnic, and just explore your surroundings. It's even better if you can recruit your family and friends to join you.
Escape Reality. Kids are full of imagination, and they allow their creativity to rule their world. Engage in a little child-like dreaming and come up with a new, fun game to play. I remember pretending as a kid to be a mermaid at my local swimming pool. I could only swim with my legs together in a flutter about hard work! Other times my siblings and I would compete to see how many times we could roll down a hill, or we'd make sand-castle villages at our local playground. Thinking outside the box and using your imagination to come up with a new and active game is a great way to keep your fitness routine fresh.

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