Thursday, 30 October 2014

Yogalates Vs Yoga Vs Pilates

Classes in yoga and pilates have been extremely popular for the last decade. There are several similarities between yoga and pilates class. Both are effective ways to strengthen the core and increase flexibility. However, in yoga class, the focus is on relaxing and meditating, the strengthening and flexibility being a nice side effect. In pilates class, strengthening the core is the main objective.
Although yoga and pilates have basic fundamental differences, they tend to complement each other, which is why main people enjoy taking a yoga class once or twice a week as well as a pilates class every few days.
Given the number of people who enjoy both yoga and pilates class, it was only a matter of time before the two were combined to form the newest fitness craze: yogalates. But what distinguishes yogalates from yoga and pilates? Would it be more effective to take yoga class and pilates class separately?
The aim of yogalates is to create a middle ground between the widely differing philosophies of yoga and pilates. It infuses a spiritual aspect that is the core of yoga class but not present in pilates class. But in the meantime, yogalates concentrates on strengthening the core as in pilates class, while placing a greater emphasis on getting a workout and burning calories.
By combining these aspects of yoga and pilates, yogalaties aims to bring together the best features of yoga and pilates while resolving the common problems people find in these disciplines.
Yogalates emulates the flow of the poses and exercises in yoga class. Unlike pilates class, where students are often in constant movement, yogalates utilizes a flow remniscent of yoga class, where a pose is held for some amount of time before moving fluidly to the next pose. However, in yogalates, the student moves from pose to pose at a fast pace closer to that of a pilates class.
Although the combination of yoga and pilates into a single yogalates class can bring about great benefits, there is something to be said for taking these classes separately. The pace of a yogalates class prevents you from receiving the full spiritual benefits that come as a part of yoga class. And by moving the focus from the core to the entire body, a yogalates session doesn't come close to targeting the core muscles with the intensity of a pilates class. In the end, yogalates is a great class to try out or take on occasion, but it is not an adequate replacement for separate classes in yoga and pilates.

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